Social Responsibility Policy

Whitehorse Gold Corp. is a mineral exploration and development company with operations in Yukon, Canada. Whitehorse Gold recognizes that sustainable development is a key to our success as a company.  To achieve this goal we incorporate safety, social, community, environmental and economic considerations into all our business decisions and work programs.

Whitehorse Gold endeavours to instill an environment whereby management, employees, contractors, sub-contractors conduct their business with integrity and adhere to high standards in all aspects.  To this end we are committed to:

  • Recognizing and honouring the traditional uses of the lands on which we work and minimizing the long-term impact for future users. 
  • Ensuring local communities and traditional users of the land benefit from our activities.
  • Complying with all regulations within the jurisdictions that we do business.
  • Meeting or exceeding safety standards and regulations where we work through training, workforce involvement and risk management.
  • Being responsible stewards of the environment by monitoring our activities and being proactive in the protection of air, water, land and wildlife.
  • Developing operating plans that consider the ultimate responsible closure of our operations.
  • Ensuring our workplaces are free from harassment, discrimination and racism.
  • Striving to develop a diverse workforce representing all members of society.

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